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Cartridge for the Bio-Kil Pitcher

Cartridge for the Bio-Kil Pitcher
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Bio-Kil Cartridge A Type Cartridge

We Protect You and Your Love



Exclusive cartridge with the patent bacteriostasis technology BioKil, it can not only eliminate heavy metals and chlorine, but also filter out most bacteria and viruses which are harmful to human health, and give you healthy and clean drinking water.



Filled with Britain, Japan and Taiwan’s patent technology materials:

  1. Bio-Kil Antibacterial Ceramics and Cotton Net   

Restrain bacteria and viruses, improve the taste and smell of the water, the filtered water is easier to be absorbed by the human body.

  1. Ion Exchange Resin from Britain

Soften water, eliminate heavy metals (such as copper and lead) in the water.

  1. Activated Carbon from Japan

Remove chlorine and some pesticides in the water, absorb chemical substances and organic contaminants efficiently.

Cartridge for the Bio-Kil Pitcher
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